rpv is a deep tech venture fund focused on early stage, scientifically intensive ventures.

The purpose of rpv is to drive tangible advancements in the well-being of humankind.

We do so by supporting outstanding people and providing them with capital, network, and expertise. We help scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors create value.

Our value system is based on two pillars: rigorous scientific method and strong ethical standards.

Our team is composed of reputable scientists, serial entrepreneurs and investment professionals. Our key areas of scientific expertise are Neuroscience, New Energy, Lasers, Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Materials

Teams We’ve Funded


Sanmai is led by Jay Sanguinetti – a top tier neuroscientist and pioneer of tFUS. This team has found a way to apply that type of neuromodulation to treat anxiety and depression.


Led by Yoav Zingher – an accomplished entrepreneur with a successful exit. Clients include Yamaha and Lockheed Martin.


Humanity Neurotech has developed a non- invasive way to manage brain inflammation. Applications are vast: from healing the consequences of long COVID or concussion to curing Glioblastoma and Alzheimer. Led by Blake Gurfein – a seasoned medtech executive who took his previous company from a theoretical concept to full FDA approval.


ViewMind’s test is noninvasive, 99% accurate, affordable, and takes 15 minutes. ViewMind’s SOM is $6B. Led by Mark Edwards – a technology executive with more than 25 years of experience.


PhotonVault is adding waste (or renewable sources) heat to amplify the energy storage output beyond what was taken from the grid. Led by Kent McCormick - PhD in Physics and an entrepreneur with a $140m exit.


Symbolic nature of their model allows them to scale costs linearly with training data, which means 700 times less compute demand than traditional LLMs. Led by Sergey Shumsky - one of the leading AI researchers in Israel and Paul Kewene-Hite – a seasoned executive and entrepreneur.


BIOS is building a universal neuro-electronic connector. Their tech enables two-way feedback for prosthetics with signal latency of less than 30ms. Breakthrough Device Designation is secured, as well as partnership with Mayo Clinic. Led by a trio of entrepreneur, neuroscientist and FDA expert.


AirTulip's patented technology creates a clean air zone around your head while you sleep. It cleans the air in the breathing zone up to a thousand times better than air purifiers. Led by Arjen de Jong – an aerodynamicist and serial entrepreneur, they have already shipped the first 100 headrests.